M7M takes on Jessika Nicole | M7M

Dj Jessika Nicole

M7M Welcomes our new Venezuelan DJ, Jessika Nicole. She is the only female DJ coming out of Venezuela and making a big impact in the latin DJ scene. Her bond with the audience is unique and she has a growing reputation of creating the most electric parties with her sound.  

She has an open format when she comes to attending any event, from the Latin genre, to EDM. She knows how to combine several genres perfectly and keep everybody in the room. 

Although young, she is set for a string career as she is showing amazing skills ahead of her time. International exposure is currently in the planning, but we urge you to watch Jessika closely as she grows in the industry. All the record labels and all the venues are watching her closely.

Music styles: Latino, afrohouse, reggaeton, moombahton, original mixes, mash ups, tech house, UDM and EDM

Live Mix